Katalon Studio version 7.0 : CMD execution : --info -buildLabel="text"


Below wiki for the command line execution details says from Katalon 7.0 onwards we will have new option called –info -buildLabel=“text” -buildURL="text"

May I know where this information will be used ? The value that we pass, where it will be used ?



I guess, from command line you will be able to push the reports to Katalon Analytics, after the test suite execution is completed.


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Do you meant , as soon as the execution from CMD is over, it will automatically push results to analytics ?
That is something which is already there rite ?

If you have analytics settings saved to your project, from cmd it pushes to analytics
Or you can manually push results to analytics as well as mentioned in this wiki

In analytics execution list i see a column called ‘Build’, is it some how related to this info argument . screenshot below

@kazurayam Do you have any idea on this ?

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Sorry, I have no idea. I have never used Katalon Analytics.

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@musaffir.puthukudi i think the intended use of the ‘build’ label is for running the tests via CI tools.
e.g in jenkins script, one can grab the build no. from jenkins environment var and pass it to katalon cmd via that option.
by this way the executions in jenkins can be correlated with analytics records.
give it a try, pass an arbitrary value and see if it is populated after the result is uploaded.

Thanks @Ibus
I have tried it already, it do not update the build label anywhere in analytics like I showed in pic in my above comments.
The Build column value points to a tag, so it should be url only i believe
But with katalon 7.0 beta version , it do not update it any way :frowning:

I think i will open a bug for katalon team to fix this in 7.0

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Its started working now
The purpose of --info buildLabel is as we guessed , it helps to co-relate analytics execution with your CI tool execution.
I can see a column value at analytics when used K 7.0 beta
closing this