Katalon Studio UI uses wrong/strange language (was Unusual wording issue in Katalon navigation links)

when I open the katalon studio I am facing unusual wording issue at navigation linksimage_2022_06_03T06_31_59_995Z .
Katalon version - 8.3, 7.0
Attached screenshot please check and suggest me a solution to fix this issue,
Thanks in advance for your help


Hi @Mohamed_Sajjaath, welcome back to our community. I’m reaching out to our internal team to investigate the problem. Stay tuned.

I also recently got the same issue. please help me fix this.

This has happened before – perhaps 2 or more years ago. The solution is on the forum here somewhere, but I failed to find it.

@duyluong do you remember this?

In the meantime, try a side-by-side install and see if that cures it.

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Can anyone help me resolve this issue ?

Hi @vu.tran, Could we able to fix this issue, any updates from internal team…?

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Hi @Mohamed_Sajjaath,

Are you using Windows 7?
Have you tried to reinstall the Katalon Studio?

Nam Nguyen.


I tried re-installing. But the issue is still there.

Hi @wpnadhikari,

What type of OS are you using?

Nam Nguyen.

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I am using windows 10

Any update on this please

@Russ_Thomas , Still I am facing same issue and I am using Windows 10, I downloaded new version of Katalon and tried but I could not able to fix that katalon issue, can you help on this @Russ_Thomas

Hi @wpnadhikari thank you for your follow-up. Did you try download the latest version of Katalon Studio. [New release] Katalon Studio 8.4.1?

Yes, I did. Still the issue is there. I am not able to continue work because of this.

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The following screenshot is the usual look.

You can find that “Project” is displayd as “Rtqlgev” in the screenshot of the original post.

I made a text file which contains “Rtqlgev” in the 1st line, “Project” in the 2nd line:

Then I opened the file using Hex-Decimal editor to see the binery value of each strings.

Rtqlgev0x52 0x74 0x71 0x6C 0x67 0x65 0x76
Project0x50 0x72 0x6F 0x6A 0x65 0x63 0x74

I could find a simple relation between Rtqlgev and Project. That is, each bytes of "Project" plus 0x02 makes "Rtqlgev". 0x50 (“P”) + 0x02 = 0x52 ()“R” , 0x72 (“r”) + 0x02 = 0x74 (“t”), and so on. This looks like a kind of Caesar Encryption. Rtqlgev is no longer strange to me.

That’s all I found. No more insight I have.


Please look at the screenshot attached. Even the file names are encrypted. and most of the options in the bottom.