Katalon studio on Macbook is too slow to open or run any test case i just have 1 test and is API

I am using Katalon for the first time, but when I am trying to using it is too slow
when I try to open it takes more than 5 minutes, when I want to open files inside Katalon they take too much time as well, when I try to see the proposals on the scripting is not able to bring me any options.

i am using a Macbook Pro

Hi @mario.partida, welcome to our Katalon Community and thank you for sharing this with us. Please help check the system requirement docs below for your reference:

Can you share with us the Katalon version you are using? and your mac configuration? or maybe the projects that you are running? It would be helpful if we have a video to reproduce the issue.

Thank you for your contribution.

Hey! @vu.tran sure, well pretty much I have the default configuration on my katalon just how is getting installed, I am using an intel MacBook (2019) with Monterey macOs, right now I have just one test case, and is API one request on Objects Repository.

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