Katalon Studio Linux - how to refresh plugin?

i am running Katalon_Studio_Linux_64-6.1.5 on Linux Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS and have tried to used a free plugin Basic Report from https://store.katalon.com/product/59/Basic-Report
I cannot see the Store β†’ Refresh button to have the plugin listed

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@vinh-nga.huteau Thank you for let us know. We will investigate and fix this issue as soon as possible.

@duyluong Please take a look.

testing Katalon on Ubuntu 16.04 i do have the right corner button for the Plugin Store and refresh is fine
Project -> Plugin is correctly listing the free plugin i have
so the issue seems on my Ubuntu 18.04 probably related to some display issue since i have gtk warning on console :
(Katalon Studio:12942): GLib-CRITICAL **: 11:02:09.809: g_base64_encode_step: assertion β€˜in != NULL’ failed
(Katalon Studio:12942): Gtk-WARNING **: 11:02:18.082: Negative content width -2 (allocation 0, extents 1x1) while allocating gadget (node trough, owner GtkProgressBar)

i will investigate on my side

Hi @vinh-nga.huteau,

Thanks for your report, we will fix this issue in v6.1.6 for Ubuntu 18.04.


buttonIssue.txt (37.4 KB)

the full console log

Hi Katalon - do we have an ETA for the next release? Or pls. help me to understand with info. on your release cycle. Thanks in advance.