Katalon Studio crashing on MacOS Ventura

Hello Katalon Community,

yesterday I installed the new MacOS Ventura on my Macbook. After the installation i wanted to work with Katalon Studio, but everytime i start the Application it gets to the Point where its loading the Projekt and then crashes.

I tried to reinstall the Application.

Im normaly using the Katalon Studio Standalone Edition, but in this Case I also tried the Plattform edition to see if it works. It hast the same Issue.

Has anyone noticed the same? And is there an Update planned to fix this Issue?

Best Regard

Hi @erwin.moretz , thank you for letting us know about your issue.

We’ve also received a similar topic about KS crashing on MacOS Ventura so we’ll going to merge your topic into said topic so that our team can better support you.

Thanks :+1:

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