Katalon Studio Console mode : how to change timestamp format?


I’m using Katalon Studio in Console mode on Linux to automate tests, but I’m quite annoyed by the default (US) timestamp format.

Katalon outputs like this :

02-26-2019 07:01:37 PM - [INFO] - Begin finding web elements by trial and error method

While I’d need to get this in ISO 8601 format (the T may be substituted with a space) which is much, much easier to work with :

2019-02-26T19:01:37 - [INFO] - Begin finding web elements by trial and error method

Is there anyway to do this, perhaps with a Java environment variable (I’m not very familiar with them) ?

Which version of Katalon Studio are you using?

I am using 5.10.1 and it give me the following timestamp:

2019-02-26 17:53:36.299 INFO
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You can find [Katalon Studio installation directory]/configuration/resources/logback/logback.xml

Why not you try to edit this to get your favorites timestamp format.


Hello @kazurayam and thanks for your quick reply :slight_smile:

I’m using Katalon 5.8.0 and have no /logback/logback.xml file nor directory. :frowning:

I guess I’ll have to wait until we’ve upgraded to try your solution.