Katalon Studio Console Log is missing

Hi, my Katalon Studio “Console” view is missing. I tried to Google, but no avail to enable/display my Console view.

Anyone can assist me in this aspect, please?

Hi @apple-xn92

Please provide me with a screenshot. Have you tried to download Katalon Studio and activated it again ?

Just for clarification, the Console tab is missing or the text doesn’t show in the Console tab? If the Console tab is missing, is the Log Viewer tab also missing? If the text doesn’t show, is there a slider on the far right that you can raise upward to show the text (or click into the tab and use CTRL + C to copy any text that may exist and paste the text into WordPad)? Also note, there is a clear Console button in the same pane. You can also move (accidently?) the Console tab to become unpinned from the lower window pane.