Katalon Studio and Galen integration


I have some UI testcases being executed from Katalon Studio. To that I also want to add capability of layout testing of different web elements on a web page. For layout testing I am using “Galen Framework”. I think we have some way to call galen tests from katalon. Basically what I want to do is, use katalon tests for navigating through web pages and when a web page loads, execute the galen test on that to check layout of the page. Has anyone done this. Can someone help me, how to achieve this.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

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I had faced same and explored option to import external jars in Katalon. Once import galen jar, its packages and classes available. Created custom keyword in Katalon to call galen methods and able to execute galen test.


I’m currently facing the same challenge. Could you please demonstrate your Keyword implementation with a little hello world example and give some more help on where to find information on how to use the jars directly? At the moment, I still lack a little imagination on how to address the methods in Groovy. Unfortunately, I can’t find any concrete statements about workflow, packages or methods at http://galenframework.com/docs/reference-java-tests/.

Many thanks in advance!

Hi bala1 , could you please demostrate how you imported the galenframework jars and a sample code on katalon studio doing a basic code ? thanks


Can you provide with example?

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