Katalon Studio 8 with Eclipse RCP 4.13

The beta release of Katalon Studio 8 is available now.

This version (8.0.0.rc7.1.0) has the same features as 7.1.0, with some platform changes:

  • Eclipse RCP 4.13 (upgraded from Eclipse RCP 4.6.3).
  • Groovy 2.4.17 (upgraded from 2.4.7).
  • Groovy editor 3.5.0.v201909291620-e1909-RELEASE.

Bug fixes:


Cool. Thanks Alex. Works for me.

Couple of glitches…


In previous releases I would select Text as Highlighted - but the new release mistakenly highlights Groovy Lists. [Everything here, even spread across multiple lines, is highlighted]. When they’re “strings” they’re blue on blue - looks terrible.

Couple of compiler glitches:

package com.whatever

import stuff

public class something {


this will complain that the package is "" which doesn’t agree with the name of the package folder where the groovy file is located. Silly error - the whole script is commented out.

Lastly, WebUiBuiltInKeywords now needs to be fully specified:

import WebUiBuiltInKeywords as WebUI  // *** ERROR ***

import com.kms.katalon.core.webui.keyword.WebUiBuiltInKeywords as WebUI

Couple more…

  1. Window Preferences dialog does not remember the previously visited settings. All previous versions of Katalon did. That was handy when making changes repeatedly.

Window Preferences does not remember last visit

  1. Related… the Apply Now button has no effect (at least in Java->Editor->Syntax Coloring). The Apply and Close button works but only on newly opened files. Files already opened in Katalon are not updated to the new color settings.

Newly opened file on the right shows the changes


Sorry @devalex88, a couple more. This time, color/theme issues:

That’s JavaDoc and the Heap status. JavaDoc is the worst, obviously. I couldn’t seem to find anything to reset it. And before you ask:



Is there a way to somehow add better eclipse support or at least from the Java Version. I know it supports things pretty well out the box, and you can basically add any library you like, but the editor is a bit slow, imports compiler are a bit weird.

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katalon 8 is so slow than 7.2, though it not crash again, it is always loading, I always waiting during edit code or any operation in Katalon such as rename a file.
is there any solution? or newer katalon version to fix this issue?

It’s a beta release. The latest (at time of writing) release is 7.2.3.

Crash is not encountered frequently, but it is also happen when select multiple lines code to edit in 7.2.3.

Please support “word wrapping” in text editors.