Katalon Studio 7.x

Can anyone clarify whether Katalon Studio 7.x has the same feature set as was previously in Katalon Studio 6.x. I’ve read the brochure (https://d1h3p5fzmizjvp.cloudfront.net/themes/katalon_4/KSE-brochure-Nov-2019-2.pdf) but it does not indicate that the current feature set is still included in KS 7.x.


In broad, general terms, v7 KSE is the same product evolved from v6. That, as you might guess, means it has some extras because the base software has grown and evolved as you might expect.

KSE is “free” for about a month, after which if it isn’t paid for, reverts to KS (without the “E” for Enterprise). Since you’ve read the comparison doc you linked, you know what that means.

If you’re looking for a feature-by-feature comparison of 6 against 7, sorry, there isn’t one. You can of course read the release notes…


Thanks Russ, This is exactly what I had hoped for.
Our team will be glad to hear it.
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