Katalon Studio 7 online activation

I’ve downloaded the Katalon Studio 7 and I’m unable to activate it via the IDE online activation. My account details are correct, please check the attached screenshot. Thanks in advance.

studio ide online activation failing

Hi @andre.coutinho

Are you behind any proxy ?

Hi @ThanhTo I believe so since I’m at the office!

Hi @andre.coutinho

Have you configured the proxy configuration. Please choose the Manual Configuration and input the necessary credentials and let me know if that helps.

Thanks again :slight_smile: I will have to speak to our sysadmin in order to get the correct config.

Hi, even after configuring manually it does not work. do you think this might be a question of whitelisting https://analytics.katalon.com in order for the automatic config to work? Thanks

Hi @andre.coutinho

Please give me the screenshot of your proxy configuration ?