Katalon Studio 7.0.1 waitForElementPresent will works strangly


when used this waitForElementPresent in page where we have many same kind of buttons like
WebUI.waitForElementPresent(findTestObject(‘object’), 30)

not click the wanted button but click some other button in a page

BUT if I add delay between methods then works fine like
WebUI.waitForElementPresent(findTestObject(‘object’), 30)

wanted button uses name equals atrribute locator

same issue happened in KS 7.0.3
but in version 7.0.3 need to add more delay than 2 sec, have to add 5 sec delay

This problem indicates that the locator is not unique, can you try other locators to see if it still persists ? Adding delay doesn’t seem to address the cause of the problem.

used locator as name attribute

Maybe the name attribute is not unique. Please try other locators and post the relevant HTML structure around the object you’re trying to click.

it’s unique, cannot show it here, but it’s unique

used name equals

name attributes in page have unique name for every buttons

it’s a question about totally diffrent name what should be clicked
should be clicked OPbutton will click MasterCard if delay not used
and names are unique

Is there anything strange in the logs?

will check on Monday :sunny:

Thank you. Please also share the locator of that test object.

is there any private email where to send needed info?

i closed this as is inactive