Katalon Studio - 6.1.2

Background - Want to try upgrade to 6.1.2 from 5.10 and use existing projects

Issue 1 - Not able to access project object repo folder via right click on objects

Issue 2 - Not able to access project data file folder via right click on data file

Error - pop up - windows cannot find - make sure you types name correctly

Note- All functions of the projects are working fine in old version of katalon - 5.8 - 5.10

Error screenshot attached

Can you try the following?:

1.) Delete the following directories from your project:

2.) Open your project again in 6.1.2

Thanks I will try this and will let you know

@Brandon_Hein I have done as per your instructions its still same issue please my following screenshot.
If i right click on object repo and go to open containing folder I get that windows error.

I just discovered that it appears for all directories inside project

Example If i want go to TS Open containing folder, TC containing folder, Data file folder same issue.

And I’m assuming that you’ve verified that the file location shown in the error does actually exist on your machine?

Yes it does exist because I am able to open same project directories in old version of katalon

@ThanhTo Any ideas?