Katalon Studio 5.10 Beta Release

We are excited to announce the Beta Release of Katalon Studio 5.10 with significant improvements and bug fixes suggested by Katalon users. Here are some key highlights:

  • Real-time monitoring Katalon Studio Test Execution via Katalon Analytics Dashboard to get the latest status of the test run results for immediate action. With Katalon Analytics, the project team can make informed decisions about testing and quality based on metrics and visualization of centralized test execution data. Learn more…


  • Adding Test Case instantly to Test Suite via “Add to Test Suite” button in Test Case details view. There are two options available: “Add to existing Test Suite” and “Add to a New Test Suite”.

  • Support Skip Test Case method in Test Listener to help skip running any undesired Test Cases. Sometimes the project team needs to run only a few “hotspot” test cases that are flaky during regression test and to save effort and resources at the same time. It is now possible in Katalon Studio v5.10. In Test Listener, simply call skipThisTestCase() method to skip any Test Case that satisfied the condition. Skipped Test Case will have the status as SKIPPED in test execution result.

  • Override Profile Variables via Command line Execution Mode is possible since Katalon Studio v5.10. Simply pass the parameters in command line using: -g_XXX = XXX Below is an example of override an URL variable:

  • Support Custom API Methods to expand Katalon Studio Web Service Testing capability to handle custom design APIs on top of the default set of supported methods. Custom APIs can be added in Project Settings > Test Design > API/Web Service Method.

Download the beta version here:


Since this is a Beta release, we expect you to encounter some bugs. Please be warned that while any bug reports and suggestions for improvements not related to this release will be taken into consideration. Suggestions and fixes for this release will be given priority consideration.

Thank you for helping us constantly improve Katalon Studio!


The Katalon Team


nice… looking forward to override profile variables :slight_smile:

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Same here!

feel free to disregard this part, it is just the filler for the min 20 characters for the post :sob:

Hi Katalon,

Not sure how you want us to report findings… but I tried overriding global variables, skipping test cases, adding test case to a new and existing test suite, and custom API calls.

  • Overriding global variables worked fine via command line (didn’t try it within deployment pipeline since there is no docker image for this yet)
  • Skipping Test Cases has 1 issue in my opinion. I would expect it to return (exit out) from the Before and After Test listeners once skipThisTestCase() method is called. It does not make sense to go trough the whole setup and tear down if the test case is to be skipped.
    -Adding test cases into new or existing test suites works fine.
  • Custom API calls. With limited test it looks like it works.


Hi Rasko,

Thank you for your feedback. Regarding skipTestCase() issue, we’ve tested again on our end and it’s working perfectly fine skipping the Test Case setup and teardown if the method is called.

Would you please try again? or provide more details on how your test was setup? It will help us investigate the issue quicker.

Thanks again,

For me it does not work… what I would expect is after testCaseContext.skipThisTestCase() is called in the beforeTestCase method it should exit out immidietely after that step and skip the test case (actually there should be no need to even run AfterTestCase()).
What happens for me is the test case steps are skipped but the whole Before and After test case methods are run (so openning browser, etc.)

Here is a screenshot of my before and after with run logs:

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katalon.log.log (536.0 KB)
Also I observed some issues when switching between projects (sporadic)…

Hi @Rasko_Pjesivac,
The function BeforeTestCase() in Test Listener will be run before EVERY test cases in the test suite, not a specific test case. Therefore, users can use BeforeTestCase() to check many things before running test cases. More importantly, new function skipTestCase() is designed to skip a test case, not skip the BeforeTestCase() function in Test Listener.

Have a good day!

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OK… not sure that I fully agree that Before and After should be run fully if test is to be skipped because there could be many more steps there…
The way I am seeing this is in the BeforeTestCase() I would first check if I want to skip this test case and if yes I don’t want to execute the rest of the BeforeTestCase().

Anyway, it is a simple solution for me, at the beginning of Before and After I will put these checks and I will just return from the BeforeTestCase() if test case is to be skipped and return from the AfterTestCase if the test case was skipped…

Dear Katalon Devs!

Thanks for the new improvements announced!

I’ve a question about the Override Profile Variables. It worked fine when using on command line with -testSuitePath property. The following command works:

katalon -noSplash -runMode=console -consoleLog -noExit -projectPath="my project path" -browserType="Remote" -remoteWebDriverType="Selenium" -remoteWebDriverUrl="my selenium hub" -retry=0 -testSuitePath="Test Suites/Regression Suite" -executionProfile="DEV" -g_URL="my url"

But when using with -testSuiteCollectionPath property the URL variable do not overrides. The command below do not works (URL variable is not overridden):

katalon -noSplash -runMode=console -consoleLog -noExit -projectPath="my project path" -retry=0 -testSuiteCollectionPath="Test Suites/Regression Collection" -executionProfile="DEV" -g_URL="my url"

So, I’d like to know if there is some special condition when using override with -testSuiteCollectionPath property.

Thank you very much!

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@Loan_Tran @Alice Please a look and see if it is desired behavior.

Dear @kelson.pereira ,

The overriding capability is just applied for test suite execution in 5.10. In the case of test suite collection, since it’s designed to have profile for each execution, so we thought the need for overriding is less significant and haven’t implemented it yet.

Let us know if you want that function, then we’ll evaluate to put it into our development plan.

Best regards,

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Hi @YoungNgo,

Thank you for your reply!

The introduction of Override Profile Variables function in v5.10 has created new possibilities and makes the integration of Katalon more powerful by simply pass in command line the -g_XXX = XXX property.

I’d appreciate this function works for the test suite collection case (e.g. when using -testSuiteCollectionPath property on command line).

This improvement will allow more flexibility to execute a list of test suites especially through the Continuous Integration (CI). I believe it also makes it common to understand this function for use in both test run cases.

Thanks a lot.

Dear @kelson.pereira,

I’ve logged an enhancement on Git (https://github.com/katalon-studio/katalon-studio/issues/61) for your request.
Please follow its development status there.

Best regards,

@YoungNgo, thank you very much!

I will follow with pleasure.


The enhancement is implemented in 6.0.6 beta release. Please download the package at Beta release 6.0.6 to override profile variables when running test suite collection