Katalon Store (Beta) is now available! Install plugins for FREE!

Hi all,

We are happy to announce that the Beta Katalon Store is now available at https://store.katalon.com!

Katalon Store is a collaborative marketplace for both end-users and developers to build add-on products, in order to maximize Katalon Studio's test automation capabilities.

Access the store and experience these five plugins:

  • Test Case Management with Advanced Tags: Organize and quickly find test cases with the multi-tagging feature.
  • Auto-healing Smart XPath: Automatically heal failed execution. Save time and effort maintaining test scripts.
  • Slack Integration: Stay on track of execution results on your Slack channel.
  • Jira Integration: Link to JIRA tickets, sync results and submit issues.
  • Dynamic Test Case Planning and Execution: Fast planning. Dynamic execution. CI/CD enabled.

More detailed instructions can be found here.

Install beta plugins for FREE and get 50% discount on ALL future purchases.

Access Katalon Store

Besides being an end-user, you can also be a developer on Katalon Store. Build and Publish plugins, in any way you desire!

Try out the plugins, maximize testing efficiency, let us know your feedback and suggestions right below!


Katalon team


The plugins are a nice feature. Reminds me of n++.

I installed some plugins for evaluation, but I was not able to find any price for them.

Once the 30 days trial expires, what will happen?

Hi @gabriel.favu,

Thank you for choosing Katalon as a part of your automated solution.

We are in the process of finalizing our plug-in price. It will be soon available next week.

The price will be very affordable for all our users so stay tuned!

One last good news is that if you are a user that is currently joining our beta program, we will offer a 50% discount as we mentioned in the previous campaign.

Happy testing!


If I click on Reload Plugin under Plugin Store inside Katalon Studio a Katalon Account dialog opens and it has a username already filled out. It is not my username I use when I signin to the Katalon Website or to activate Katalon Studio and I can’t type anything in that field to change it. So I can’t connect to get the plugins.

Where does this username come from and how do I change it?


Katalon Studio
Version: 6.0.5
Build: 4

Hi @Jon_West,

Thank you for choosing Katalon as a part of your automated solution.

That username is the one you used to sign-in/activate Katalon Studio. Currently, we don’t support logout feature, but you can delete <user_dir>/.katalon/application.properties file and then try logging again using the account that you want to use in Katalon Store.

Hope this helps.


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So I deleted the application.properties file ok and then went into Katalon Studio. It said I needed to activate Katalon Studio. But the Activate button was disabled so I used the Activate offline.

I got the request code and then got an activation code. I put the activation code into Katalon Studio and was then able to get into Katalon Studio ok. I then went into Reload Plugins and the Katalon Account dialog appeared without my correct username. What was in the username field is the Request code that I was given during the offline activation of Katalon Studio.

I then installed a fresh copy of Katalon Studio and had the same issues as above ending with the Request code as my username again.

Katalon Studio
Version: 6.0.5
Build: 10

Running Windows 10.


Dear @Jon_West,

The Activate button will be enabled once you enter valid Katalon email & password.
In case it doesn’t work, could you share with us the screenshot?


Thanks and Best regards,
Dung Ngo

Hello @YoungNgo,

I have entered my email and password and the Activate button is still disabled.



I thought I might try the Reset Password link to see if maybe resetting my password would fix the problem, but when I clicked on the Reset Password link in the above screenshot it just sent to me to the main katalon.com homepage. I could not see a way to reset my password.

In fact, I think you need to change your password into something with at least 8 characters. I had the same problem some time ago, but at this time the link for resetting the password still worked. The new URL is: https://www.katalon.com/sign-in/#reset-password


Thanks for your help @Drunda_Nibel, that worked. I changed my password to have at least 8 characters and I am no longer having any issues. @YoungNgo you no longer need to look into my issue.


Do you have the plugin for CA Agile Central? As currently our company using the CA Agile Central as our test case management. So we hope have this plugin so when finish test suite execution it will auto update the test results directly to Rally.

Hi all,

Are you still new to Katalon Store?

Join this webinar to learn how to utilize this platform. Our product expert will walk you through:

  • Insights on Katalon Store and usage guidelines
  • How to apply plugins to maximize testing efficiency in Katalon Studio
  • How to publish plugins and share custom keywords
  • How to monetize plugins and meet market demands in Katalon Store

Who should attend?

  • Agile team members, QAs, and software developers
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Hi @cruise.tan,

Thank you for your interest in Katalon Store.

We can refer your request to our partner to develop one paid integration if you are willing to pay for it. If you need any further support regarding this, please don’t hesitate to contact us via store@katalon.com.


Katalon Store team.

Plugins wont install for me. They say they are installed however they won’t reload

Anyone having any issues with signing into the Katalon Web Store? It doesn’t sign me in using the saved password on the site. I can sign into forum.katalon.com without any issues. Just the Web Store link which doesn’t sign me in

Katalon is installed and activated on my account.
When I select manage plugins I see 4 plugins with an installed status.
When I select reload plugins I get the No plugins found dialog


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