Katalon spy objects feature

in katalon way we have a good features to collect elements by their property and tags, xpath, CSS.
but in this way the most useful thing is the relative xpath not absolute xpath and that’s need so much time to consume on it to prepare the correct query for xpath

so there is a tool collecting the objects based on the business component and once you have record the element that you want it’s will recognize it by the label with index.

let’s say you have submit button in your page and when you need to capture it the html dom will recognize all submit buttons:
in katalon you need to prepare xpath with correct index for that button.
in that tool it’s will recognize the button with label

and in that way it’s already easy to handle multilingual to mapping the labels for your filed also.

please advise if this feature will be doable in katalon in future since katalon amazing tool to use really.

best regards,

Hi Mahmoud

I respectfully disagree. The last thing we need is YetAnotherTool. Here’s why…

A browser displays HTML, styled via CSS, modified by JavaScript. The structure of the underlying elements of a page is represented/controlled by those three technologies. Adding more things on top, does not help – it merely adds complexity, more points of failure, more things I need to “check”.

CSS and xpath are perfectly adequate technologies to interpret and interrogate the DOM. They have been used, evolved, and battle-tested for a long time and will be around for a long time to come.

You mentioned: it’s already easy to handle multilingual to mapping the labels

CSS doesn’t care what language is presented in the page, and xpath, if you avoid text, will do the same.

Sorry. New tools are sometimes not the best solution, especially when the problem has already been solved.

If I have somehow misunderstood your wishes/intentions, please expand on them.


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