Katalon Solution for "StaleElement"- and "ElementNotInteractable"-Exceptions in Future? Selenide Integration?

I do not know if this issue has been discussed elsewhere. My problem is that I can’t use the standard library of Katalon (WebUI) because sooner or later errors like “StaleElementReferenceException” or “ElementNotInteractableException” occur. Therefore I use Selenide in most cases. With Selenide such errors don’t occur anymore. My question is: Would it be possible to integrate Selenide into Katalon by default? Or is there another way to fix these errors in Katalon without having to create a workaround for each action manually?

These are all timing issues. In other words, you are trying to interact with the page while it’s still loading. To resolve the issues, you need to implement proper wait conditions before trying to take action on the page.

I know these are time issues. But I don’t think it’s the most elegant way to insert a waiting condition for every single action. Rather, it would make sense if it were done by the framework. So you wouldn’t have to constantly deal with all these errors that the user wouldn’t get when using the website and you could concentrate on the actual testing.

Possible solution in my opinion would be:

  • either wrap each Command of WebUI in a Selenium-Wait-Condition like suggested in this post or
  • switch to another Framework like Selenide

This would make working with Katalon Studio much easier.