Katalon’s Internal Hackathon - Vote for your favorite project(s)! 🚀

Favorite Project:

  • Semantic Object Locator: Adding this feature will enhance self-healing a lot. Quick search seems to be useful for those who are struggling with finding test objects in the repo of hundreds of them.

Lucky number: 48

I have voted for project number 6, because I consider that any effort and innovation in the area of requirements using the new factor of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a lot of potential and great impact on the projects, mainly where agile methodologies and processes are used. Incremental Interactive development.

My lucky number is: 7

I voted for these:

ai-kìa Team - Konsultant with Error Log explanation
This is something that I have struggled with personally. Trying to find pertinent information in the wall-of-text that error logs often are can be maddening! Then, once you find anything that may be useful, searching for solutions can be equally frustrating and unproductive.

ABCD Team - AI-powered Full Flow Automation Testing without coding
Being able to automate the creation of end-to-end testing flows for the AUT would be a huge benefit!

G5&Friends Team - KataAccessible - Accessibility testing & beyond
Accessibility testing is an often-overlooked area in the testing world. And in some industries accessibility testing is a hard requirement so resources have to be dedicated to it. As the need for accessibility testing continues to grow, addressing this area with automation would be a valuable feature for KS and its users.

I must say that choosing only three projects was difficult. I believe that every one of these ideas has value and all of the presentations were excellent. So, kudos to all the teams involved in the challenge and keep bringing the innovative ideas into the light!

Lucky number: 4

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Thank you everyone @here for taking a look through our Hackathon projects and cast your votes!

We will announce the lucky draw winners shortly. Stay tuned! :wink:

Hi all, :wave:

Thank you very much for your patience! And now, we are thrilled to unveil our lucky draw winners!

Our winners were chosen at random using the Wheel of Names, and after each winner had been identified, they were removed, and the order of each member was re-shuffled to ensure everyone deserved the same chance at winning.

Our first winner is … @208x1a05g1!

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Our second winner is … @hsierra!

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Our third winner is … @liampotter1412!

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Our fourth winner is … @maheshwara.b!

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And, lastly, our fifth winner is … @prashanth_s2!


Congratulations to all of our lucky draw winners! Our team will be reaching out to you soon regarding the delivery of your gift! Please keep an eye on our inbox on our forum! :sunglasses: