Katalon runtime engine의 발급받은 오프라인 라이선스를 삭제하고 싶습니다

I want to reissue the offline license of katalon runtime license because I entered the wrong katalon machine ID, but I can’t delete it.

Please raise a ticket to our support team for assistance Katalon Help Center


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It’s still not deleted yet.
I don’t think I can do it with skype or zoom.

I will capture the situation when it is not deleted and forward it to you.

It seems like you are a paid Katalon user. In that case, I will tag my colleagues from the Customer Support team here: @vi.kim @duc.phan @khang.dang and @quan.trinh for better support :+1:


Can you delete the license for me just one more time?
The reason is that the machineID I’m trying to run on has changed.

Hi @qaqc,

We just need to clarify to see if you are one of our paid customers? If yes, then please raise a ticket on our Support Center for dedicated and faster support from our Support team. Thanks!


유료 고객으로 라이선스 구매이력 캡쳐 전달드립니다.

Hi @qaqc,

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Capture license purchase history as a paying customer.
Please remove the runtime offline license.

@albert.vu @vu.tran
Delete the Catalon runtime engine license that is already registered.

Paid member information will be delivered as a screenshot. (License 1 under subscription)