Katalon Runtime Engine File '' does not exist


I’ve been experiencing issues since using Katalon’s plugin for Azure devOps. Most of my tests suites
will try to run, but for some reason, I keep getting FileNotFound exception, with no file specified.

If i run the test suites locally, i’m not able to reproduce the issue.kre_log_ecritureComptable.log (87.7 KB)

Please let us know how would your work be affected if this issue has not been resolved?

  1. I can continue my job, but my performance is lower than expected

Operating System

  • For example: Windows 10

Katalon Studio Version

Katalon Studio logs

// unavailabe as the problem is on a virtual VM

Screenshots / Videos

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I’m able to circumvent the issue at the moment by using a TestSuiteCollection instead of having multiple “Execute Katalon Studio Tests” in my DevOps build.

My only problem is that we can’t seem to be able to set the executionProfile via commandline. Instead the executionProfile seems fixed in the TestSuiteCollection itself (I still have to test this)


The ability to override Execution Profile in Test Suite Collection is coming soon, unfortunately at the moment you only can override on the Test Suite level.

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Thank you @ThanhTo

Are you aware of why we can’t seem to run a 2nd Katalon test suite in a single build pipeline ?

When it will be fixed?
I had test suits in April which run fine, but now I have same problem as @ [kgrondin]

Hello everyone,

You’re recommended to read this announcement regarding the consolidation of both Katalon Runtime Engine DevOps and Floating licenses into one licensing offering, Floating .