Katalon runs so slow

I used Katalon free version to learn and search by myself. It took 10 minutes to run 16 test cases but from last month it took 1 hour to run them without my change. Any idea to fix it?

Giau Nguyen

What version(s) of Katalon?

Version: 7.7.2
Build: 205

We need to identify which statement(s) in your test case script takes long time. That would be the first thing we need to know.

Please look the Log Viewer while your test is running. Possibly you will notice your test sometimes blocks waiting for something for minutes. What do you find?

Also please show the .log file created by Katalon Studio. The file location is as follows:

  • Windows logs folder: <Katalon Studio folder>\config\.metadata\.log

  • macOS logs folder: file:///Applications/Katalon%20Studio.app/Contents/MacOS/config/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.ui.workbench/log

we may find something informatinve in the .log file.

Chrome and other browsers are usually automatically upgraded silently while you are not aware of. This often causes confusions/problems. You should try updating WebDriver modules and try again. See

After updating to Katalon 7.8 and then update ChromeDriver, the all test cases are failed because they are run very quick and it’s not enough time to run step by step. I don’t know. Do you have any idea with new version?

log.txt.log (58.2 KB) Log file

I had a look into the .log file you provided, but I could not find informative things.

You have upgraded your KS? Then many things can change. Nobody knows what happens to you. You need to restart your research from scratch.

Your test runs no longer slow? Then the title of this thread “Katalon runs so slow” is not describing you problem appropriately. You should close this thread, and create new one with better title.

If you want us help you finding the reason why your test failed, please show the Console messages when your test failed.

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It’s dangerous to upgrade to new version. All test cases are failed. I did down grade to version 7.7.2 and all test cases are passed but it is back to slow issue. slow is better than failed. Idea?

@giaun1981 I think you should read this carefully and respond with everything that you think might help us understand your problem. In your case, make sure you include references and screenshots to your delay/smart wait settings.

Having KS 7.7.2, still you should do “upgrade WebDriver modules” before running test cases.

Can you let me know what info you really need to understand my issue?


I think you should share the report folder for the last month and recently run.

Sorry I am using free version so there is no report