Katalon report email is missing .xlsx file from email attachment (KRE)

When using KRE to execute a test suite, the report email attachment is missing an .xlsx file which was copied to the Reports folder.

In Studio, we do see the .xlsx file.

is there something special we need to do in order to see the additional file?


Which version has you been using? Did you find the xlsx report in TestOps?

KRE 8.5.5. We are not using TestOps. Katalon only supports files of csv, html, pdf and png formats.

Katalon supports only those file to be automatically added to e-mail:


html, csv and pdv since those are the only supported file formats to generate test reports, log files generated by execution and eventually png files produced as screenshots.
does not generate, nor support to atach .xlsx files.

how is that produced? and what is the content of it?
if this contains some data produced by your tests with a custom logger, you can eventually try to rename it as something like myfile.xslx.log with the hope Katalon will pick it up.

If this won’t work or it is not convenient, you may have to stop using the feature provided by katalon and send the emails using the features provided by the CI tool you are using to execute them