Katalon remote execution plugin returns "Could not find a connected Android device" (Jenkins)

Hello! I am currently trying to launch my tests remotely using Android Emulator Plugin + Katalon Plugin in Jenkins. In Job Katalon Plugin starts Test Suite After AEP(Android Emulator Plugin) creates avd for testing and parses AVD name so my tests will be launched on AEP. But Katalon does not recognize created and launched AVD at all and sends me: “Could not find a connected Android device”.
I’ve set ANROID_HOME, ANDROID_AVD_HOME to current sdk and avd paths and set appium to 1.8.1 version (It was the case sometimes why Katalon could not connect to device in Katalon Studio) but still cannot get my Tests running in Jenkins.
I tried to link katalon sdk path to my android sdk path but it didnt work. I am running out of ideas how to deal with problem

Here is the logs:
logs.txt (44.0 KB)