Katalon Recorder won't click button

First off, hello everyone. I just discovered and downloaded Katalon a couple of days ago. My problem is when using Katalon recorder in chrome, when I try to play my test case i recorded I can’t get it to click a certain button, the funny thing is I can go to my test case and right click “play this command” and it works fine, below is the edited command I’m using, any ideas what I’m doing wrong or might be missing?



Wow, nobody has any suggestions…

I’m actually experiencing the same thing… so if you’ve fixed this please let me know.
The click button doesn’t continue to the next page.

Hi, has anyone received any help with this? I upgraded to 5.6 and all of a sudden, the recorder doesn’t record half of what’s going on.

I have the same issue. Upgraded to latest version and some of the buttons cannot be clicked anymore. Get a black ribbon with some parsing errors specified.

Can’t record in Version 5.6.0 so for now the solution is to use version 5.5.0

It seems I am having issues with buttons where the click event is bound to a function via knockout. Anyone else having issues triggering buttons where the click event is bound to a function via the ‘data-bind’ attribute?

Also having this issue - Perhaps it was resolved elsewhere? Did any of you guys figure out a way around this?

Playback in the recorder simply doesn’t click a button but if you play the command manually on its own, it does. Is this a timing thing? Do we need to add a delay? Surely there is a way as this doesn’t seem right.

Ill asnswer directly to you, since the original question is from last year, ive been using for a month, and in the first place i recommend you to verify with the object spy if the one which is being recorded its the same which appears on the recording actions, if yes, you can do a few things.

  1. add more seconds between actions from settings.
  2. click in any other place, check a different area or title, anything and click there, you can also use the web spy to check the object name.
  3. add a delay

i had the same issue, till ive added 1 sec delay and then tried clicking in other place, it worked.

let me know if you were able to solve it.



just answered to other people, i hope i got it right

Thanks Gabriel,

Personally I took another look at this and ended up with an approach using xPath and some delays. It was very odd that manually playing the command could find it though.


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I think the problem is that Katalon uses id to select the element, and maybe this id keeps changing every time your frontend app is generated.

IMO, you can either :

  • Set id manually for the element if the front framework allow it.
  • try to set Xpath based on the element attributes that do not change (for Chrome You can get the element Xpath using Developer tools and from the right click menu on the element)

Hope it helps.