Katalon recorder output format

I have a dropdown menu like below picture

When I save all the values from dropdown list they are all saved in the variable. But if I the make an assertText then it does not capture the space. fore instance I have to write
“A0 - Kontrol ikke gennemført - Frigivet efter vurdering A1 - Kontrol ikke gennemført” like A0 - Kontrol ikke gennemført - Frigivet efter vurdering*A1 - Kontrol ikke gennemført before it is ok. Can anyone help ?

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Do you mean that you have to manually add this * in the between? Do you receive any log failing?

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Hi Yes it is. I only get message that “did not match”

Hi also tried this

But this says it does not match, but text is the same.

image this is string i and this is string j below