Katalon Recorder borks Nest.com

Enabling the Katalon Recorder Chrome extension prevents the Nest.com website from functioning properly on my system. Most pages fail to load completely resulting in everything from missing content (and spinning loading icon) to non-responsiveness from visible links.

Disable the extension and the site loads fine. Enable the extension and the problems are 100% reproducible.

If there’s a legit reason you wanted to post this to Analytics, let me know. Moving…

Sorry - didn’t see the “Bug Reports” was part of the Analytics. I need something to lock me out of my own PC after 1 AM. Thanks for fixing.

NP. I’ve posted some dumb responses here after 1AM. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure yet, but this might be a valid Bug report. @devalex88 can you have someone take a look?