Katalon recorder 5.5.0 bugs

In 5.5.0 version … Play from here function not working . Please fix it asap :frowning:


Hi, can you share with me what’s the error? It’s working on my side.

Hi ThanhTo,
“Play from here” on step listing ( right table) is work fine, but play from here on list test case( left table ) is not working.

thanks you

for me all play options are not working (yes with version 5.5.0)
no function of the “Play” Button
no function of the “P. Sutite” Button
no function of the “P. All” Button
no function of the “Play from here” Function in the context menü

System: WIN10, Chromium Version 69.0.3486.0 (Entwickler-Build) (32-Bit)


Can you show me a gif or a video of how the other functions are not working. I can only reproduce the issue of Play from here function from the test case’s context menu, and we’ve rolled out 5.5.1 to fix that. @tuananh

@ThanhTo I have updated Chromium to the latest Version, then it worked … my version was very old

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Sorry to tack this on here, but with the latest version of KAR, it comes up with a prompt to leave a review for KAR, when I attempt to click on the Yes button, the hover state becomes active but nothing then opens up.

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Thank you for your report, I’ll reproduce this issue and we’ll fix it asap!

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@ThanhTo hi there,
When i update version … playfromhere funtion (on test case listing) working error .
Ex: I’m click play frome here at test case 3 , when it running finish test case 3, it’s not move to test case 4 …so it’s rollback to test case 1.

Did you create a new test case/duplicate a test case or were you executing on existing ones.

Can you provide me with an example to reproduce this? I tried it on my side and Play From Here seems to respect the error.