Katalon re-use device session in Kobiton

I was running BDD features test scenarios from Katalon to a device in Kobiton. In my feature script, I have 2 rows of example data as per below:

Scenario Outline: Login with a valid credential
    Given I navigate to Cura System homepage
    When I click Make Appointment button
    And I enter username <username> and password <password>
    And I click Log in button 
	Then I should be able to login successfully

      | username | password           |
      | John Doe | password001 |
      | John Bee | password002 |

After the scenario 1 (username = John Doe) has run successfully, Katalon would call the end session, even though my script never call Mobile.closeApplication(). This behaviour has cause a “device not found” problem when Scenario 2 (username = John Bee) is executed. It’s because once Kobiton device session is ended, that device would take a few minutes to be available for pick up.
Is that a way I can make Katalon not to end the session after a BDD scenario is executed? so that the subsequent scenarios can reuse the same session?