Katalon RE Unable To Resolve Class And A Project Folder Warning

Hello, first post here.

We have an issue with our Katalon RE where we are getting errors, but the test case collection ultimately will run.

We are running the Katalon 7.2.4 Docker image and have floating RE licenses for the RE.

After online activation and the RE opening the project file, we get this:
Warning! Please run Katalon execution command outside of the project folder.

and directly after, we get another 300 lines or so of various cases unable to resolve class errors like
[...]Groovy:unable to resolve class com.kms.katalon.core.model.FailureHandling (this is just one example), but ultimately the tests appear to run to some extent.

Where should we be running the katalon execution if not in the folder, and how can we fix the resolution errors?

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I run mine from the KRE folder mostly using batch files.

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this is because you have empty /bin/ and /Libs/ folders. Katalon will create the missing groovy files during init, that is why it runs with no problems. If you want to see how this works:

  • go to file -> cleanup in katalon studio
  • go to help -> error log, empty it, save it
  • go to project -> close and clean up in katalon studio
  • delete your bin, Libs, .classpath and .project files from the project directory
  • open up katalon studio
  • load the project
  • check the event logs, unable to resolve this and that (and will recreate it inside the bin and libs folder)
  • check the error logs, it will say the same. empty the error log and save it
  • clear the event logs and close katalon without cleaning up
  • start katalon and load the project

The errors will no longer be there, that is because it created the files which were missing. So if you have these bin, Libs, classpath and .project files in a .gitignore, it will have to recreate the files every run.

However my question is, how do I hide this from the logger. It is annoying and the katalon runs seem broken right now while it is running just fine.

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Why would you want to hide it? Isn’t the loggers job to report a bunch of crap you don’t need until there’s an issue? With that logic, you’d then need to remember to turn everything on so your logs work properly again.

There is the possibility that you’re seeing both stdout and stderr - I guess you could direct one or the other to a file if you needed to (I pipe both of mine to one single file so I have everything when I need it).

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I agree! Having debug logging on by default isn’t such a big problem. It will speed up the time spend troubleshooting actual issues. Because you can start right away with all the information there, not having to run your tests again.

Well the huge amount of logging created at compile time is still something we would like to seperate of our test logging.

Is there a way to have katalonc generate the scripts and exit without running any tests? So we can do this while we build the docker image.