Katalon Project Structure

Hello Community,
I am trying to convert my katalon project into a widely runnable java/groovy project on different IDEs. First am trying to import com.katalon.core libs into intellij but cant get them from my main project structure. Is there any jar files that defines katalon libraries in another ide? In addition to that if i started my project from scratch reimplementing my keywords on intellij is it possible to gain same benefits in api automated testing on intellij?
PS: This approach is due to the cloud conditions am on. I did developed a widely dynamic system for automated api testing and need to benefit from it on my server which does not include katalon cloud

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@neamehbaydoun66 You check this thread How to write Katalon Studio tests with IntelliJ IDEA and other IDEs.


Do you want to transfer your automated tests (which were developed in Katalon Studio, which are dependent on com.kms.katalon.* classes) into your server where you have no Katalon products installed?

Do you wan to run your Katalon tests on a machine where no Katalon products are installed?

No, it is not possible, obviously. It is against the licensing. Katalon is a commercial/payable product, you know.

It seems to me that you are requesting Katalon Team to deconstruct the “Katalon Runtime Engine” product into some componet JAR files, and provide them so that you can download and plug them together with various OSS jars into your projects in various IDEs of your choice. Gradle’s dependency management mechanism would be able to resolve the dependencies in any IDE.

I do not think the team has such idea.

I think that “deconstruct KRE into component jars” is a very good idea. This would make it possible to resolve the problem of dependency management for Selenium 4 with Chrome DevTools Protocol support.

Katalon team should be able to achive it while keeping the software as a payable product.

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