Katalon project hierarchy

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is there any resources that can help me better understand the meaning and the roles of files in each folder in a katalon project ?


Most of the folder names are named after what they contain such as Scripts, Reports, Test Cases, Test Suites. Was there a specific folder you wanted more information on?


are you looking at the project folder directories or from within Katalon? From the project folder, the most important directories is your reports directory because you can review it when you are in Katalon or not. To get a report generated, create a test suite and add the test case, then run the test suite.

All the other folders are taken care of by Katalon. To change anything, do it within Katalon, even project properties.

There are tutorials to show you how to add test cases, test suites, use object spy etc etc. These tutorials can be found from the link:

This is now called the Learning Centre. There is great help here on most topics.

You can take a different approach and just google ‘katalon studio, test cases’ to get help on these or other folders.

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