Katalon "object spy" Error: Invalid argument

Tried to post this under bug reports but didn’t get any replies so I will try here.


I’m trying out Katalon on a new device and I’m trying to use Object spy. First of all the “Object spy” does not take me to the address I set. Chrome just opens up and shows “data;” on the search bar.
If I type in the URL that I actually want to use, I will immediately be prompted for my username and password (which is normal) and then I get the following error after a few seconds:


“Invalid argument: user data directory is already in use…” If I click OK on the error message and login with my user and pwd I am able to go to the URL but the object spy is not working. I don’t see the black bar on the top of the page and I basically can’t use any functions from “object spy”.

Any feedback is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.