Katalon not automatically closes terminal after finish


I switched to running via Katalon RE. Currently we are using IntelliJ to start tests via commando in terminal.
The tests run fine, but they are not closing automatically after finishing. I can see logging message in my terminal (see below), but it does not finish the test (i.e. IntelliJ is still waiting for the Katalon process to finish…)

Please advice. This is really anoying, because we want to run multiple tests in a row without having to interfere manually…

Execution completed. Exit code: 0.
Start clean up session
End check license task
End clean up session
Start release license task
End release license task
All launchers terminated

Update: I’m using a (temporarily) workaround with java’s internal Process.destroy() when output line contains “All launchers terminated”. This works, but it is not the cleanest solution, so any advice would still be appreciated. Thanks.