Katalon keep video controls visible

We are testing a video player functionality in Android.
To Pause the video, we are able to tap on the playing video to reveal controls.
But the next Tap on Pause fails as elements in the player fade away before it can be located.
Any help regarding this is appreciated.

OS : Windows 10
Katalon Version : 7.2.1
Appium Version : 1.16.0


Try to tap on the any frame while playing the video so that it will activate the video playing bar and you will be able to pause/play. or Just try to tap at position will activate video play/pause

Hi Sathish

I am able to tap on any position to activate Play / Pause.
But the next tap on Play / Pause is failing as the controls disappear before Katalon / Appium could locate the object.

Basically, to find the Pause / Play object it takes about 4 seconds. By that time, the controls are faded away. Thus failing the test case.


Normally in windows object finding should not take 4 seconds its faster, Could you please modify your Play/Pause object then try might be it will take less time locate the object :

Object Type+ Button lable
Object Type or Button name
Xpath etc.

I did modify the objects. But it still takes time to identify it in screen. Meanwhile the controls are gone.


work around will be you can tap on a position it will be faster but it will vary based on devices.

True. Tweaking Tap At Position with a custom keyword helped. But it is still an approximation for different devices. Looking for any alternatives for now.