Katalon-Jenkins pipeline


We have our Katalon tests integrated to Jenkins pipeline. Right now we have one pipeline with smoke tests collections running for every master commits. We use Jenkins declarative pipeline for this. Now we would like to run other sets of test suite collections as well (Regression tests prio 1 and Regression tests Prio 2 with different browser OS combinations). The set up should be as follows (Just an example)

  • Smoke tests collections runs everyday day multiple times with master commits (For this we have a pipeline now)
  • Reg test suite collections 1 run on Mondays night with Mac-Chrome combination
  • Reg test suite collections 1 run on Tuesdays night with Windows- Chrome combination
  • Reg test suite collections 2 run on Wednesdays night with Mac-Firefox combinations and so on…

So my question is, Is it better to have multiple pipelines for these type of scheduled runs or Is it possible to achieve this with the same pipeline that we already have (If this is possible, Can I schedule Jenkins builds in the Jenkinsfile script? How do I do that?).

The environment we are running the tests is the same. The tests will be run on a Jenkins slave linux machine.

Thanks in advance!