KATALON is not recording from IE 11

Hi ,


I am trying to record steps from IE11 for my application. But Katalon is capturing only mouse double click.

Even i have done setup using below link


Hi Rajnish,

you should enable RecorderExtension.RecorderBHO from Manage add-ons in IE-11.

hope this will help you.



Hi Timo,

Katalon is not recording my application exploring other option. As not getting enough support on Katalon.


Did you get it to work, since I have the samel problem. Only records first 3 steps and then no reaction to anything anymore.

Hi Hanh,

Thanks for quick response. I have reinstalled IE ,but no success.


I think you should try re-install your IE11 . We used to have this problem and the root cause is being corrupted user profile.

@ Anand, i cant active RecorderExtension.RecorderBHO. Cant enable or disable, both options are greyed out. Do u have a solution for this?

Thanks in advance

RecorderExtension is already enabled.

Having the same issue, none of the steps worked

Hi Guys,
Anyone got an answer to this. I have done these steps ( double checked twice )
and RecorderExtension is enabled.
Its not keeping the instance of IE after a Login Page
Same test works in Chrome but I need to use IE. I have IE 11

Any help would be appreciated.

any response IE?

Hi , I have done configuration for IE https://docs.katalon.com/katalon-studio/docs/internet-explorer-configurations.html

I am not able to record in Katalon using IE but able to do with crome.RecorderExtension is enabled. I am using IE 11.

Please advice.

Hi, do we have a solution for this issue yet?
I see that many people are facing the same issue.

Even I am not able to record anything on IE11.
Support team?

I am facing the same issue. Not able to record with IE11. Any solution???

I’m having the same issues. The recorder looks as thought it is enabled in the IE settings but its not working IE11.

Same story here., followed the instructions to configure IE11, registry entry for DBWORD etc.,enabled the add on and still no luck.Ours is an intranet app and all it records is-open browser, navigate to Url,close browser and nothing else., does not recognize any other keystrokes or mouse clicks., very frustrating. Can Katalon Studio support/dev help please.

Thank you all for reporting this issue. Please uninstall the current IE add on, then install the new version here https://github.com/katalon-studio/katalon-studio-ie-addon/releases/tag/v1.1.0 and let us know the result.

Updated my findings in the post IE11 Recording not working with version 5.10.1

for ie 11 just can recording the element with ‘‘open brower’’ and ‘‘close borwer’’. all else operation cannot work

wow thanks a lot.it works.