Katalon inconsistent behavior of Failure


We used to see inconsistent behavior of failures during execution.

In execution report (Sequential Run) we see failures of various steps because element/object not clicked in spite delays are given.

When I run the same test suit 4 times then the failures will be at different steps and not at the same steps as always

Could you please guide me what may be the root cause of this inconsistent behaviors of failures

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can you show your script how there are used wait time before wanted element function?

Hi Timo

thanks for your response

see the below failure. After Login, On the landing Page there is Tools Menu and under Tools menu there are different options available and script is not able to Click on “Custom IC Design” option which is 2nd option in the menu. We do Same type of verification for another option available under Tools Menu

based on the error message i also added Scroll to element command as well but that did not work


Just to let you know this is working in Chrome but issue is happening in FF

I also released that we need to put more wait at different steps in FF and in Chrome that wait is not required. Why Katalon is working differently in both browsers - FF and Chrome


How about waiting for the target element becomes clickable before actually clicking it?

// insert this line
WebUI.waitForElementClickable(findTestObject("COS/COS PlatformPage/COS_ViewPage/CUSTOMCDesignOption"), 10)
// before this
WebUI.click(findTestObject("COS/COS PlatformPage/COS_ViewPage/CUSTOMCDesignOption"), CONTINUE_ON_FAILURE)