Katalon high CPU utilisation and memmory consuption


I have been using katalon version 9.3.4, which from past two days is taking up cpu and memory utilisation to 99% pers=cent event when running single tests, in execution settings I have marked the driver sessions to be closed after each testcase yet, the chrome browsers are being ended. This is affecting our daily executions where a particular test that has to be executed in 7 minutes is taking close to 10-13 minutes.

Have tried clearing cache and temp files and unwanted folders before each run
restarting the machine before each regression run
restarting katalon before execution

post update to 9.4 the memory utilisation went down but no improvement in execution time or cpu utilisation.


Hi @philipB and @xuan.tran, perhaps you could look into Vijayalakshmi’s topic here? Thanks :+1:

did OS or chrome updated recently on your machine? i also noticed high CPU and memory for last couple of days though not just with katalon alone

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looks like recent chrome updates is causing the problem. pls kill all chrome-driver processes after each test runs

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Hi @vijavijayalakshmi, :wave:

Could you try out what Dineshh has proposed above :point_up:?


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