Katalon function with multiple action items

Hi Team,

I have a test case A and test case B with 12 test steps each.

The initial 10 test steps are same in test case A and B. And those 10 test steps are composed of various action items like click, send keys, mouse over, select by value etc.

Now I want to create a function which will comprise all these 10 steps and use as a single step in test B so that there are only 3 steps in B.

Please Note: I cannot use Call Test Case as test case A has additional 2 steps which are not required for test case B.

Is there anyway to handle this. Please suggest.

If I am supposed to use Custom Keyword, then how do I create a function when there are multiple action items with various params?

There’s nothing inherently wrong with a method taking ten arguments. Ideally, though, you should try to make your method(s) a little more specific to a single purpose – perhaps break it up a little more. But without knowing the whole code (and problem domain) it’s not possible to advise much further.