Katalon Docker - Anyone knows the protocol used by the webtesting?


We are using Katalon Docker 8.2.0 image to run our test collection on a Jenkins VM with a firewall. It’s running fine until we have a new Jenkins VM.
The test collection is running but it takes 2x/3x more time than on the previous Jenkins VM. And it looks not related to the VM capabilities.
We got feedback from Infra team, looks like some calls are blocked or denied on the https port 443 on the firewall of the new Jenkins VM. The firewall looks more restrictive than the previous one.

On the previous Jenkins VM there are more open rules but on the new VM the Infra team doesn’t want to open all rules like in the previous VM. We have to deal with it then.

I am trying to run locally my test collection and trace the outgoing calls and their protocol + port to whitelist them if needed. But the target is to run test in Docker container so not sure if my test is still accurate…

Anyone knows what communication protocol is used when we do WebTesting with Katalon? on any particular port?

@Katalon Team:
Is there any firewall/proxy setting recommendation for the WebTesting?

You should analyse your system using Wireshark

It will tell you all the details of network activities by any application.

For example, see the following screenshot

I have Wireshark installed on my Mac. I used Wireshark to record traffics while I did

  1. start Katalon Studio
  2. open a project
  3. execute the project, wait until it finish comminicating with TestOps
  4. stop Katalon Studio.

Then I examined the Statistics menu of Wireshark where I could see

  1. All Message Protocol types used
  2. All Endpoints communicated
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yeah right, run wireshark on a headless machine …
my suggestion.

  • ping
  • nping (ping on steroids)
  • nslookup
  • the good old telnet
  • nmap
  • tcpdump
    … whatever else suitable
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Thanks @kazurayam and @bionel for your tips.
I am trying wireshark at the moment.