Katalon data extract

Howdy fellow Kataloners :wink:

Hoping someone can assist and point me in the right direction, an idea has popped into my head and I’m hoping with everyones assistance that I can get this working. So first n foremost I’ve been performing automation for close on 20 years and was so happy to start using Katalon Analytics, unfortunately where I am currently cloud based solutions are restricted for now at least…I’m assuming loads of others are faced with this challenge.

So what I am looking to do, and hopefully fully integrated solution using possibly a test listener but has anyone tried extracting the data from their automated tests and directly consuming these into Splunk??

If anyone has tried or any experience in this please could we chat further? I’d really appreciate any assistance I could get as up to now its merely an idea in my head!

Cheers guys and thanks for the AMAZING Katalon

No. But…

If by “data” you mean reports, like test results, etc., then perhaps what I’m doing might be of interest?

I write my reports in Katalon where the output is sent to an external file (can be anything, but I use a json-like format which is then converted to HTML for consumption by others).