Katalon crashing post updating to Macos 13.0 Ventura

Quoting from the WebKit issue

Java GUI applications that use webkit are now failing for users that have upgraded to Ventura running on Intel. (M1/Rosetta users not affected.)
This will break a lot of apps that embed a browser into a java based desktop app, as google.com’s main page can’t be rendered without crashing.

Now @duyluong explained:

in 8.5.3.alpha.

  • Katalon Studio Quick Start Page is not loading.

I presume that Katalon Studio used WebKit (internal browser) to display the Quick Start Page, which caused a crash on macOS Ventura on Intel box. As a countermeasure, our team suspended displaying Quick Start Page in the 8.5.3 alpha so that it would not crash.

— Am I right?