Katalon can't identify custom view menu objects

I’m having a difficult to record a mobile test using Katalon when there is a custom view menu, where Katalon can not identify the elements of that menu.
I tried to click through the Mobile.tapAtPosition functionality but it did not work, the click is done in position but does not trigger the option I intended, as if I had passed through the menu…
Is there any other option for clicking objects from a custom view menu?

Hi @externo.thiago.andra,

I have seen your issue as well where trying to select an element actually selects a larger view in front of or behind it. You can still capture the object, but you’ll need to do it using the “ALL OBJECTS” list. You can find the element (hopefully based on the name or text) and click the checkbox next to it. It should highlight the object correctly in the Device View when you select an item in the ALL OBJECTS list.

It will then give you the option to rename and capture it.

Hope this helps,


Thanks for your reply Chris but unfortunately these objects are not displayed within the “ALL OBJECTS” list. This menu is not native to android, it is drawn when the option is called and is composed of several components that katalon can not identify.
For that reason I tried to click through the tapAtPosition option but it looks like the click goes through the menu.

Hi @externo.thiago.andra,

Thanks for the explanation.

After the menu is opened, if you click the “Capture Object” button again, does it show any of the menu objects in the “ALL OBJECTS” list? I know that the Device View screen doesn’t automatically refresh, so the “Capture Object” button can get the screen back in sync with the emulator.

Do you know if this app is a “hybrid” app, written in Cordova or PhoneGap, etc? I know that Katalon/Appium sometimes have issues with those apps and updating your Android SDK on your computer can sometimes make it easier to work with those types of apps.

– Chris

Hi @Chris_Trevarthen.

I had already tried the “Capture Object” button but it did not work, it was not possible to capture the items from this menu.
As for your question, the application is not hybrid, it is native and uses java / kotlin as the main language, there are a few points where C ++ with NDK is used.
But the menu in question was done in java with non-native android functions.