Katalon browser compatibility

Hi all, I have one question …so in the announcement article of katalon 8.5.0 they mentioned that they have added compatibility for chrome 105 ([New Release] Katalon Studio 8.5.0 - September 21, 2022) …so what does that mean ? i am able to execute my TC’s in katalon 8.4 in chrome 106 version . so just wondering why katalon 8.5 supports till 105 only … @Katalon_team @bionel @Russ_Thomas @kazurayam

First thing you should know: The Firefox geckodriver tries to be as backwards compatible as possible. You can use the same release of geckodriver for MANY releases of the Firefox browser.

Unfortunately, that’s not true of Chrome and its driver. It needs to be updated (usually) for each release of the Chrome browser (same with Edge).

Perhaps mentioning 105 release is a typo, I’m not sure. But knowing how Chrome and its driver works, you can see that all you ever need to do is match your Chrome driver release to your Chrome release, doesn’t matter what a given Katalon release announcement says.

You can upgrade all your drivers from the Katalon Studio menu.

Thanks @Russ_Thomas for your quick response. Right we just match our chrome driver version with chrome browser version in local and it runs. do you know if its same behavior when we run through docker katalon image . why i am asking this because The katalon docker image 8.4.0 comes with chrome 103 only , so we wanted to have custom docker image with our tests running on latest chrome browser .

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second, for the docker question, just search.

are plenty topics on the matter ‘how to build a docker image’