Katalon Automation Recorder - How to do a File Upload? HTMLInputElement

Dear people,

My Katalon Recorder (v. 3.6.12) script containing a File upload used to work like a charm, but not anymore.
Inbetween, there was a Chrome update and an update from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

In the log, I get:

[info] Executing: | click | id=fileUpload | |

[info] Executing: | type | css=#fileUpload | F:/Data/BBIE/Testbestanden/jpg/Koala.jpg |

[error] {“code”:-32000,“message”:“Not allowed”}

Any ideas why I get this and how I can solve this one?

Thanx a lot!

Cheers, Robert


I am facing the same issue: “{“code”:-32000,“message”:“Not allowed”}”

Same issue. Any updates on this? Do you have a workaround in place? Thank you!

Same issue !

Does anyone have a workaround for the same issue? I have tried using css locator but i get this issue-

Thanks in advance!

Hey does anybody have an example of a path using MacOS I have this path ///Users/oswaldo/Documents/Annotate_WinStore.png but the path is converting into C:\fakepath\Annotate_WinStore.png

Hello, maybe anyone can help me with the download of a file?
So I’m downloading a pdf from the website I’m testing. I setup chrome to download automatically the file, however any steps after the download simply don’t work.
I cannot refresh the page.
I can close the win_ser_local window, but I cannot afterwards use open, openWindow or even a runScript with open.Window() JS command.
If I refresh the browser manually, the test resumes.
it hangs after line 27. I’m using Chrome latest version. I have allow popups enabled.

Anyone have any idea how to solve this?

does anyone can Help with upload file, I use Chrome Version 75.0.3770.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)
it says, “test case passed”
but the file not uploaded, did I miss something?

Guys, may I request your support for uploading image type question.
I do not have any developer knowledge and using Katalon recorder on chrome to add product to ecommerce site.
I need to add images, 10 images per product with Katalon recorder.
I read above thread, but I am still not able to make it work.
The button for opening file browser to choose images in my pc is clickable by Katalon recorder.
But I am not able to select the images.

I am pasting the results for the Chrome inspect element when I copy element, html or the selector field from inspect element dialogue box.
From the CSS window, “button” is active when I hover on the button on page. Other CSS selectors are grayed out.

I am also attaching 2 images, 1 for the inspect element screenshot with the button.
Another with the images I want to upload.
Can you kindly guide me how to proceed in this situation.

Copy result from Chrome inspect element:

  1. element:
    Select Image

  2. HTML:
    Select image

  3. Selector:
    #main > form > section:nth-child(1) > div > div.FileUploader__InputContainer-sc-f66k10-3.cCfDjr > mer-button > button