Katalon as Tools RPA

Can Katalon Studio be used as RPA Tools ??

Hello and thank you for your first post! I just wanted to clarify is this what you mean by RPA?

Robotic Process Automation(RPA) Tools are widely used for the configuration of task automation .

This should help us better help with your question.

Best, Sara

Yes, RPA (Robotic Process Automation), can Katalon Studio use to RPA ?

Can you explain what use cases you have, since there is nothing to suggest you are talking about testing a GUI or automating a backend business process or something else entirely

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After I Googled a bit I found that:

Automation software to end repetitive tasks and make digital transformation a reality.

well … ok, sue me but i looked for the most simplified definition.

Thus being said, my answer is:

Can Katalon Studio be used as RPA Tools ??

Definitely no!
However, it is a good candidate to be a component into the pipeline/process … whatever you like to name it for an RPA development process.

If the OP looks for an ‘already baked with everything’ solution … Katalon it is not that tool.

When the machines will be clever than humans developing them, humans should find another planet to live.


… as a side note, looks like RPA it is just another fancy term for CI/CD + the abomination of all-in-one templates at the user click which tend to be more and more popular those days.
… and OK, i agree, agile is a deprecated philosophy and devops concept must be retired …
Who needs a human developer anymore if I can do that in one click?

BUT: this is what you have to answer to yourself as a manager looking for such solutions … who will debug the debugger?

As far as I know, you can’t use it, and it’s better to find something else. Many software testing platforms can help you, which are even safer to use.

Moreover, it’s better t let the professionals handle these types of activities if you don’t have enough experience and learn with their help.

For example, I have used this platform called Zapest for over a year. Each time I didn’t know how to figure out some details, which was the best decision since they did everything more carefully and with better quality. https://www.zaptest.com/

A year and a half ago, I joined the project as a test automation engineer, where a web version of the application for working with tariffs and calculating accruals was being prepared for release