Katalon API test best implementation

I really wanted to know how you guys do your API test? and can you please explain to me why you do that?

Right now i only know 2 ways of doing API test.

  1. You only need one plain Request Object, and you set the method, header, url, body, auth, send request, assertion, etc on test case.
  2. You create Request Object for each API, so your test case is only for Verify/assertion.

i am a little bit confused about which one is the best way to do it.

I opt for the 1st approach.
Reason? Flexibility.
I use parametrization a lot, so in case something change (e.g the base url) i only have to update the variable in the test profile.
Or, I have to extend the test for one new customer, so i simply add a new test data for it, testcases remain same

And … I hate to have lot of objects, I am trying to keep my projects as simple as possible and the code to be reusable

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Awesome! thank you for the brief explanation :smile: