Katalon and MSIX files?

Is it possible to automate testing in Katalon for MSIX files? (App-v)
And if yes, how can this be done

Hi @b.selderhuis,

Thank you for joining our Katalon Community. Can you share with us what is your purpose of using MSIX files?

Vu Tran

Hey Vu Tran,.

The company i work for uses , besides the normal apps, also MSIX /App-V applications.
Question now is…can Katalon be used to autonate also these MSIX/APP-V applications.


Regarding your request, I’m afraid it is beyond the scope of our current feature.I understand that it’s not as convenient for your existing workflow but I will bring your request to the development team as a feature suggestion to see if they could incorporate this in the upcoming versions. Could you please give me more context on how you use this feature for your business?

  • What kind of scenario do you want this feature to handle?
  • What advantages do you get from using this feature?
  • How satisfied are you with the implementation of the feature?

Then I will collect your answer and escalate your expectation to our development team as a feature suggestion. Our development team will consider it thoroughly, and I will keep you updated when they have a decision on it.

We’d also like to thank you for the great recommendation. We always want to hear from our customers, even if we cannot approve the requests.