Katalon and Extent Reports Integration

Good to hear that.

Now, I am afraid, @mohit.kumar has to change the documentation and sample codes a lot …


I tested the code again today, and it is working fine for me. There are no significant changes from the original code.

Previously, I was using the default project location to generate the Extent Report folder. However, for Azure DevOps (ADO), I have now added a variable to pass the project path. Additionally, I have created an overloaded function to pass the screenshot path.

def attachEReport(TestSuiteContext testSuiteContext, String setDocumentTitle, String setReportTitle, String projectDir = System.getProperty(“user.dir”)) {

The idea behind this configuration is to pass the ADO project path to my function, ensuring that users can get the report within the ADO project directory.

That’s all.

@mohit.kumar @kazurayam

Hi Mohit,

Below is the function i can see after placing the latest plugin given by you

but again no Extent folder is generated and it’s jumping to else condition i.e “To Generate an Extent Report execute tests from the Test Suite.”)" in your functions “public Object startEReport(TestCaseContext testCaseContext)” and “public void takeScreenshotFailure(TestCaseContext testCaseContext)”