Katalon Analytics : Uploading test result from CMD : a unique identifier


In my current project, I have the following situation.

I execute the katalon tests from our CI tool bamboo, the katalon tests gets triggered automatically once the application build has deployed to a test environment ( a kind of Continuous integration pipeline).

And after the katalon tests, i upload the test reports to Analytics . this is done from command line using the katalon-report-uploader-0.0.5.jar as mentioned in this wiki

This uploads the result as expected.

But I would like to track which execution id at analytics is corresponds to which test triggered at my CI tool bamboo . ( because down the line , there can be a lot of execution happening at CI, and every results will be getting uploaded to analytics , so it will be confusing for the user )

In order to achieve that, does the above jar execution support passing any custom arguments
If there , I can simply pass the bamboo build id , so looking at analytics one get an idea that this result is corresponds to that build execution at my CI


this can be achieved by --info buildInfo argument thats available from K 7.0

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